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Telehealth provider Tyto Care pulls in a total of $33.5M in series C

Tyto Care makes telehealth equipment for at-home doctor’s exams. These hand-held, modular tools are used to examine the heart, lungs, skin, ears, throat, abdomen, and body temperature, and sends the information remotely to a clinician. Tyto Care has raised an additional US$9 million, bringing its Series C round to a total of US$33.5 million. The company plans to use the funds to expand into remote and rural communities in the USA, Europe, Japan and China through strategic partnerships.

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Proteus launches its first digital cancer chemotherapy pill

Proteus Digital Health has launched an oral chemotherapy equipped with its ingestible sensor. The digital pill will be used to treat stage 3 and 4 colorecal cancer patients with capecitabine, and provide feedback to physicians by reporting the time, dose, and type of chemotherapy taken. This gives physicians a better opportunity to intervene if patients are not taking their medication correctly or miss a dose.

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