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Scientists develop 10-minute universal cancer test

University of Queensland researchers developed a screening tool to inform clinicians if a patient may have cancer through a simple and inexpensive blood test. However, the procedure does not show where the cancerous cells are located and how serious the patient’s condition is. The test uses gold nanoparticles to detect for cancer DNA and the result is a colour change visible to the naked eye.

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Diassess to get up to $21.9M from the feds to develop its at-home flu diagnostic

Diassess formed a five-year partnership with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development authority to accelerate its development of its professional flu diagnostic for the clinic as well as to develop an at-home flu diagnostic test. The consumer-focused test will include a smartphone app that will link users to treatment options.

Diassess aims to provide an accurate diagnosis quickly with a nasal swab. The small, battery-powered device would analyze the sample and detect the virus’ genetic information to determine a diagnosis of influenza A or B in under 20 minutes.

Diassess is also developing DNA-based diagnostics for sexually transmitted infections, dengue and Zika fever, and other respiratory illnesses.

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Exact Sciences’ DNA blood panel detects early-stage liver cancer

A DNA-based blood panel developed by Exact Sciences and the Mayo Clinic accurately detected liver cancer across all stages of the disease and outperformed the most commonly used serum test in a phase 2 clinical validation study.

The assay tracks six methylated DNA markers found in blood plasma to detect hepatocellular carcinoma with 95% overall sensitivity.

Exact Sciences and the Mayo Clinic hope to further optimize the panel and plasma collection conditions prior to a phase 3 study.

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