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Simple Nanoparticle-based Urine Test Could Diagnose Bacterial Pneumonia

MIT researchers have now developed a nanoparticle-based technology that could be used to improve the speed of pneumonia diagnosis. This type of sensor could also be used to monitor whether antibiotic therapy has successfully treated the infection.

The team developed nanoparticles coated with peptides (short proteins) that can be chopped up by certain proteases, such as those expressed by cancer cells. When these particles are injected into the body, they accumulate in tumors, if any are present, and proteases there chop the peptides from the nanoparticles. These peptides are eliminated as waste and can be detected by a simple urine test.

For this study, the researchers delivered the nanoparticles intravenously, but they are now working on a powdered version that could be inhaled.

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Qiagen inks $191M deal to buy infection test panel firm STAT-Dx

Qiagen has agreed to acquire STAT-Dx and its pipeline of assay panels designed to diagnose bacterial and viral infections affecting respiratory and gastrointestinal systems for US$191 million.

STAT-Dx’s tests use an analyzer and single-use cartridges that feature ports for swabs and tissue or liquid samples. The sample is analyzed using PCR to show which pathogens it contains in about one hour.

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