Endeavours to transform disease diagnoses from the central laboratory setting to the point-of-care

through the development and commercialization of a series of smartphone-integrated, immunoassay-based molecular diagnostic tests and devices.


Incorporated and headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Tel-Array aims to address the increasing need for rapid and low-cost medical diagnoses with its proprietary biosensor technology, coupled with the power of smartphones and cloud-based computing.

Its vision is to bring sophisticated medical tests to the point of diagnosis, revolutionizing current medical practices and ultimately ushering in a new era of personalized therapeutics.


Tel-Array is developing a cancer management sensor system as its first platform technology, establishing proof of concept for implementation of other applications..

Tel-Array's TA-BRC breast cancer management system can concurrently profile multiple breast cancer protein markers using a sample of unprocessed whole blood from a finger prick. No additional material or processing steps are needed, and the whole system can be operated by patients and physicians as simply as the current blood glucose finger prick system for diabetics. Monitoring of various diseases as well as detecting a variety of non-medical molecules (such as contaminants in food, and biological and chemical threats) can also be achieved.



Testing at the point-of-care counters many of the disadvantages of central laboratory testing. However, no protein biomarker-based molecular diagnostic application has yet to be demonstrated. This is due to protein biomarker testing requiring detection methods at 100-1000x higher sensitivity than what current point-of-care devices can achieve.

Tel-Array is able to achieve such high sensitivities using its proprietary antibody microarray technology and supporting microfluidic system.