The Tel-Array Spot Profiler

A multiplex, multi-analyte diagnostic platform for point-of-care testing

The Spot Profiler is a portable, in vitro diagnostic platform medical device for point-of-care testing, developed on Tel-Array’s highly sensitive protein microarray technology platform. It consists of a controller and a single-use, application-specific test cartridge.

The Spot Profiler is capable of multi-marker testing on a single patient sample for expanded diagnostic window and improved diagnostic accuracy and speed. It is the first system with an expandable testing menu, allowing for flexibility in marker selection and breadth in diagnostic application.

The user-friendly graphical user interface of the software permits straightforward one-push operation upon sample loading.

Only a small sample of unprocessed whole blood, plasma or serum from the test patient is needed for the assay. No additional material and processing steps are needed, and the whole system can be easily operated by physicians, nurses and medical laboratory technicians.

The Spot Profiler offers a fast time-to-result (<15 minutes) and a low cost per analysis.

Spot Profiler and TA Cartridge in loading dock.

Spot Profiler and TA Cartridge in loading dock.

The Spot Profiler combines the advantages offered by:

  • the specificity of antibodies

  • the sensitivity of microarrays

  • the precision of active microfluidics

  • the simplicity of optical detection

Initial Applications in Development

Currently, four test cartridges are in various stages of development:

Tel-Array is keen to work with partners to develop specific applications of interest on the Spot Profiler.