The Best of Both Worlds In Laboratory Testing


Testing can be done anywhere, at any time, with immediate information exchange.

Protein biomarker testing is primarily done in central laboratories. These require trained laboratory professionals and high-end equipment, time and money consuming multi-step processes, and has limited accessibility in remote rural regions.

Testing at the point-of-care is the trend and counters many of the disadvantages of central laboratory testing. However, few devices on the market have the sensitivity to provide quantitative measurements of biomarker levels at the point-of-care.

In addition, the Tel-Array Spot Profiler offers capabilities not found in other similar devices:

Superior Multiplexing Capability and First-of-its-Kind Expandable Testing Menu

At the core of Tel-Array’s research and products is its proprietary antibody microarray technology, pioneered by Tel-Array co-founder and CEO & CSO, Dr. Hong Zhang.


Multiplexing is achieved using proprietary and highly sensitive protein/antibody microarray technology. As each marker antibody is localized to a single spot, there is no need to separate the test sample into various reaction chambers. Different antibody combinations can be easily developed without affecting the microfluidic system. Provided there is no cross-reactivity among the markers selected, the number of antibodies per test assay is only limited by the antibodies’ spatial configuration on the coated surface.

This potentially allows for multiplexing hundreds of markers on the same surface. No competitor system has this capability.

More Affordable than Current Leaders in POCT

The Spot Profiler uses a simple optical density detection method in which only a conventional camera is needed.

This is multiple times more affordable than other POCT competitor systems that typically use fluorescence or electrochemical detection methods. In addition, only minute amounts of reagents and antibodies are required on this system, further reducing the cost. Finally, the Spot Profiler has multiplexing capability and can accommodate cartridges for a wide breadth of test panels/applications. This provides further cost-savings when compared to single-marker assays and single-application devices.

Unprecedented Sensitivity for Ultra-Low-Level Disease Marker Quantification

Current POC cancer diagnostics utilize lateral flow immunoassay-based technologies. However, these are simple devices that provide a qualitative or semi-quantitative result, whereas the Spot Profiler has the sensitivity, afforded by the use of microarrays, sufficient for a quantitative measurement.

Platform-based Suitable for a Wide Breadth of Applications

The Spot Profiler is platform technology-based, and the device is compatible with all test cartridges in the system. This wide breadth of applications provides incredibly flexibility and cost-savings to users by eliminating the need for multiple sensors.


Development Pipeline

Tel-Array is committed to providing the laboratory testing community with low cost, portable devices that can be utilized with minimal training. The Spot Profiler serves as a platform for a wide range of applications.

1 Platform Technology
2 Cardiovascular Disease
3 Breast Cancer
4 Pan-cancer
5 Various Diseases
6 Various Non-Medical Molecules

Currently, four test panels for the Spot Profiler are in various stages of development.