Zhejiang Business-to-Business Networking Seminar

Tel-Array was invited by the Ministry of International Trade, the Province of British Columbia, to attend a networking seminar and reception in Vancouver organized by the Zhejiang Department of Commerce, Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of China.

Zhejiang Province, situated on China's south-east coast, is among the richest and most well-developed provinces in China. Its capital and largest city, Hangzhou, is a political, economical and cultural centre of the province, and is known for its high living standards, well-developed infrastructure and rapid economic development in a variety of sectors.

Zhejiang Department of Commerce brought a business delegation of 18 companies in the ICT, tourism, agri-food, innovation science, life sciences, and environmental renewables sectors, all searching for business collaboration opportunities with BC companies in trade and investment, to this seminar.

The event was an excellent opportunity for Tel-Array to network with Zhejiang businesses and obtain first-hand insights about the Chinese market.

Tel-Array co-founders networking with businesses from Zhejiang, China

Tel-Array co-founders networking with businesses from Zhejiang, China

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